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On Wednesday 15th January 2020 People's Parking was featured on the Channel 5 programme  Britain's Parking Hell. Director of People's Parking, Helen Dolphin MBE explained how she first came up with the idea for the accreditation after not being able to take an entry ticket into a car park and having to face abuse from both other parkers and car park staff. Fellow Director Libbie Bilyard along with Helen and her assistance dog Fairport were then shown assessing a brand new NCP car park in Salford, Stanley Street for the People's Parking accreditation. Helen and Libbie were shown testing the height of parking machinery, measuring the size of bays and checking the signs and access. This car park also had a dual electric/accessible bay for use by Blue badge holders charging their electric vehicle. 

Also featuring on the programme was a parking officer in Western Super mare showing the softer side of parking enforcement, as well as two brothers who took over an hour to find somewhere to park their car in Edinburgh. There was also a large section on a man called Chris who liked to be known as the “Greek Stallion” who always parked in parent and child bays even if he was on his own. Just watching him and his arrogant attitude completely justifies the need to enforce these bays. 

Helen Dolphin said “I think it is always with some trepidation that we agree to take part in these programmes as you never quite know how you are going to be portrayed. However, I was really pleased with how the People's Parking accreditation was explained and demonstrated and I hope it will encourage more parking operators to get their car parks assessed and into the scheme. I have received a lot of lovely comments from viewers of the programme congratulating me on the initiative and I'm really glad I took part.

Britain's Parking Hell is currently available on catch up and the section on People's Parking is at 31 minutes. 

Posted on 20 Jan 2020 at 14:26:34