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Disability Equality Training

People's Parking are delighted to bring you an e-learning course on Disability Equality specifically for the Parking Sector.The course was developed to provide all staff, including customer facing staff, with a good understanding of what disability equality is so that they feel more confident in dealing with disabled colleagues and customers. It has been written with the parking industry in mind. ... Read More

Posted on 11/11/2021 20:32:33

Help needed for potentially reforming accessible bay provision

People's Parking is collaborating with Cundall and Burdus Access to inform industry knowledge on the type and appropriate number of parking bays when designing  car parks inclusive to all potential users.  We are particularly interested in the industry standard recommendation for 5% Blue Badge bays which can sometimes be too many or too few depending on the 'sectors' the car park ... Read More

Posted on 18/06/2021 14:46:07

Blue Badge Disparity

Helen Dolphin from People's Parking looks at the recent BBC news report which claims there is great disparity between for people with non-visible disabilities and those with physical disabilities qualifying for Blue Badges.In August 2019 the Blue Badge parking scheme was extended to include people with non-visible conditions such as dementia, epilepsy or Parkinson's. in the first 12 months of the ... Read More

Posted on 23/04/2021 09:03:05

People’s Parking adds new dual EV/family friendly and EV/accessible bay accreditations

In 2018 the government published the Road to Zero strategy, which set out their mission for all new cars and vans to be effectively zero emission by 2040. This has now been brought forward to 2035. This means there is going to be a requirement for more EV charging points both at businesses premises, homes and car parks. It is likely that the majority of people will charge their cars at home ... Read More

Posted on 11/01/2021 12:25:37

NCP car parks awarded 300 People's Parking accreditation's

People’s Parking is delighted to have awarded NCP with their 300th accreditation. It is an amazing achievement to have so many car parks reaching our standards and shows considerable commitment and dedication by NCP to improving their car parks for motorists. People’s Parking, founded by disability rights campaigner Helen Dolphin MBE in 2016, works to improve car parks for customers by ... Read More

Posted on 13/08/2020 08:46:36

Business as usual

Here at People's Parking we would like to take this opportunity to let you know that travel despite restrictions we will remain trading and will be here to answer any questions or queries you may have. We are aware that many car parks are empty at the moment and parking attendants that are available for work do not have much to do. A number of our customers are therefore taking this opportunity ... Read More

Posted on 17/03/2020 11:56:35

Britain's Parking Hell

On Wednesday 15th January 2020 People’s Parking was featured on the Channel 5 programme  Britain’s Parking Hell. Director of People’s Parking, Helen Dolphin MBE explained how she first came up with the idea for the accreditation after not being able to take an entry ticket into a car park and having to face abuse from both other parkers and car park staff. Fellow Director Libbie ... Read More

Posted on 20/01/2020 14:26:34

Pavement Parking Ban

The House of Commons' Transport Committee has called for a new law to ban parking on pavements across England. In coming to its decision the committee spoke to people with visual and mobility impairments, as well as carers and parents who all suffer as a result of pathways being blocked. The committee said in its report: "Pavement parking can have a considerable impact on people's lives and their ... Read More

Posted on 09/09/2019 16:52:29

Abuse of parent & child bays

People's Parking was shocked to learn that one in four parent and child bays are misused in supermarket car parks. The research carried out by the online comparison website Confused.com showed that 26% of bays were used by people without a child.Further research has found that there's confusion around the use of parent and child parking bays. Can you park in them regardless of whether you have a ... Read More

Posted on 21/08/2019 16:00:22

Blue Badge scheme extension welcomed

People's Parking have welcomed new rules that will make it easier for those with non-visible disabilities, such as autism, to obtain a Blue Badge. However, we are concerned that the new eligibility criteria are likely to lead to a significant increase in the number of disabled people eligible for Blue Badges across England. DfT has predicted that its new rules will see a six per cent increase in ... Read More

Posted on 26/06/2019 16:22:37

People's Parking at the Big Motability Event

Helen from People's Parking will be speaking the the Motability Big Event on the 28th and 29th June 1019.  The Big Event is the UK's biggest showcase of cars, scooters and powered wheelchairs. Helen will be talking about Blue Badge parking as well as the ULEZ and other concessions. The event is being held at the NEC and is free to attend. For more information ... Read More

Posted on 14/06/2019 11:59:30

People's Parking at Allied Mobility day

People's Parking was delighted to attend the Allied Mobility day at the Brooklands Museum in Weybridge. In spite of the rain people came out in force and it was great to tell everyone about the accreditation and how it will make their customer experience a lot better. 

Posted on 14/06/2019 11:54:32

Get your parking questions answered

Helen Dolphin, Director of People's Parking will be talking at Naidex on the 27th March at 12.30 in theatre 6. Her presentation will cover the new Blue Badge eligibility criteria, where you can and can't park with a Blue Badge and other concessions available. As well as over 250 seminars, there will be 350 exhibitors, interactive panel debates and networking opportunities. For more ... Read More

Posted on 22/03/2019 16:08:35

The Future of Parking Experts

Technology is advancing at a very fast pace and parking will undoubtedly be  affected by new developments including driver less cars. Helen Dolphin from People's Parking features in this month's Parking Experts Roundup talking about her thoughts on the future of parking.You can read the roundup HERE

Posted on 15/03/2019 14:36:17

Britain's Parking Hell

People's Parking has just finished filming with Channel 5 for Britain's Parking Hell. The first stage of filming was at the NCP Stanley Street Car park in Manchester where Helen and Libbie demonstrated how a People's Parking assessment is carried out. This involved counting and measuring bays as well as looking at the entry and exit into the car park and the payment methods. Once the assessment ... Read More

Posted on 04/03/2019 11:23:24

Cover Girls for Parking Review

This month's cover of Parking Review features Helen Dolphin and Libbie Bilyard from People's Parking, launching the UK's first dual accessible/disabled bay. This picture was taken at NCP's Stanley Street multi storey car park. Helen Dolphin said: "it was a really nice surprise to see we had featured on the front of Parking Review magazine. This is great publicity for People's Parking and for ... Read More

Posted on 15/02/2019 15:48:53

People's Parking application just got easier

People’s Parking is delighted to announce that applying for the People’s Parking accreditation has just got easier, for International Parking Community (IPC) members. This is because IPC members can now apply for a People’s Parking accreditation directly through the IPC website when uploading parking sites to the system.A People's Parking accreditation offers a parking operator many ... Read More

Posted on 23/01/2019 11:15:52

Online Blue Badge service launched

The Department for Transport has launched a new online service for people to apply for a Blue Badge. The new service enables people to apply for a Blue Badge online without needing to send any of their supporting documents in the post and is expected to decrease the amount of time it takes to make an application. An offline system will still be available for those who are not able to apply ... Read More

Posted on 14/01/2019 14:40:26

UK’s first accessible/electric dual charging bay

The latest NCP car park to open in Salford, Stanley Street, has installed dual electric charging/accessible bays. These are believed to be the first installed in the UK. These bays can only be used by Blue Badge holders who are charging their electric vehicles. This idea was proposed to NCP by Helen Dolphin MBE and Libbie Bilyard, founders of the People's Parking accreditation.Helen Dolphin MBE ... Read More

Posted on 07/01/2019 12:25:38

Are you ready for the Blue Badge eligibility changes?

It was announced this summer that the Blue Badge disabled parking scheme will be extended to include people with non-visible disabilities such as autism and mental health conditions. The government say that the extension of the criteria is part of their drive to build a society that works for all. It is expected that changes to legislation which are needed to extend the eligibility will be ... Read More

Posted on 08/10/2018 15:18:13

Non-conventional cycle provision

Research is currently underway to update cycling guidance as per LTN 2/08. Part of this guidance concerns the provision of cycle parking. Currently there is minimal provision for disabled cyclists in most car parks and research has shown that just over a third of disabled cyclists have been unable to park or store a non-standard cycle due to inadequate facilities. This could be, for instance, ... Read More

Posted on 04/10/2018 12:32:04

Parking and the Inclusive Transport Strategy

The Department for Transport (DfT) has set out its Inclusive Transport Strategy (ITS), which aims to improve accessibility for disabled people across the UK’s transport network. It is hoped that the measures set out in the strategy will make travel fully accessible and inclusive for disabled passengers by 2030. This strategy was produced following the Accessibility Action Plan (AAP) ... Read More

Posted on 01/08/2018 15:41:30

Blue Badge eligibility changes

On 29 July 2018 the Department for Transport (DfT) released its Blue Badge consultation: summary of responses and government response. This followed a public consultation about eligibility issues in relation to the Blue Badge (Disabled Parking) Scheme particularly with regards to non-visible disabilities. The consultation received a total of 6,349 responses from members of the public, local ... Read More

Posted on 30/07/2018 14:49:46

Dolphin awards Dolphin Shopping Centre Car Park People's Parking accreditation

Dolphin Shopping Centre Multi-Storey Car park has been awarded the People's Parking accreditation by Helen Dolphin MBE. Dolphin founded People’s Parking in 2016, which aims to improve car parks for customers by highlighting those with facilities for disabled people, parents, commuters, cyclists, EVs and those who drive wheelchair accessible vehicles or camper vans. People's Parking also aims to ... Read More

Posted on 16/03/2018 11:34:32

Blue Badge Scheme Statistics released

The annual Blue Badge statistics have been released today and again show that only a small number of local authorities take enforcement of the scheme seriously. The annual Blue Badge survey, completed by local authorities in England, collates data on whether authorities have a policy for prosecuting misuse of the Blue Badge scheme and the number of prosecutions that occurred between 1 April 2016 ... Read More

Posted on 15/02/2018 12:15:05

Higher Education Parking Forum

People's Parking is delighted to be presenting at the Higher Education Parking Forum run by the International Parking community. The scheme is already in a number of Universities including York, Staffordshire and the UEA and it is a great opportunity for other Universities to find out the benefits of having a People's Parking Accreditation for staff, students and visitors. 

Posted on 05/02/2018 15:17:51

Blue Badge (disabled parking) scheme eligibility review

It was announced yesterday that the government is proposing to change the eligibility criteria for the Blue Badge Scheme to include those people with non-physical disabilities. The government said the proposals would make it easier for people with conditions such as dementia and autism to travel to work, socialise and access shops and services in England. It is hoped the move would help ... Read More

Posted on 22/01/2018 14:59:56

Pavement Parking

Although People's Parking is an accreditation for car parks many of the posts on our facebook page are from people complaining about the problem of pavement parking. This is an issue for wheelchair and scooter users, parents with buggies and visually impaired people as when a vehicle parks on the pavement there is not enough space for people to pass and instead they are forced onto the ... Read More

Posted on 11/01/2018 10:05:06

Tackling Blue Badge abuse

Helen Dolphin from People's Parking has been out and about with Blue Badge enforcement officers in Norfolk. All car parks accredited by People's Parking must enforce their disabled bays to make sure only Blue badge holders park in them. However, on street officers also have the power to check badges and bring prosecutions where a badge is not being used by the holder. People's Parking would like ... Read More

Posted on 10/01/2018 16:31:05

Partnership aims to boost consumer confidence and convenience

The International Parking Community is taking decisive and far-reaching steps to ensure the safety and priorities of consumers are at the heart of new initiatives to improve standards within the parking industry.  The progressive trade association has now formalised its partnership with the People’s Parking accreditation scheme for car parks.  As a result of this significant move, the ... Read More

Posted on 26/09/2017 15:53:28

First Bradford shopping centre car park to achieve People’s Parking accreditation

Bradford’s Kirkgate Shopping has been awarded the People’s Parking accreditation, and is the first shopping centre in the city to meet the scheme’s stringent requirements. People’s Parking, founded by independent mobility consultant Helen Dolphin MBE in 2016, works to improve car parks for customer needs, highlighting the facilities for disabled people, parents, commuters, cyclists ... Read More

Posted on 07/08/2017 12:19:27

People's Parking well received at Allied Mobility day

On 21st June 2017 Allied Mobility hosted a mobility day at Uttoxeter Racecourse in Staffordshire. Allied, who supply Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) to disabled people put on several mobility days a year for people to come and see their vehicles. A number of charitable organisations and businesses were also invited including People's Parking. Many of the Allied vehicles are quite high, ... Read More

Posted on 26/06/2017 10:57:54

NCP Addenbrookes car park recognised by coveted People's Parking Award

NCP’s Addenbrookes Hospital car park in Cambridge is among 50 of the parking provider’s sites across the UK to be awarded the coveted People’s Parking accreditation due to its first-class facilities. The People’s Parking scheme was introduced in 2016 by disability rights campaigner and mobility consultant Helen Dolphin MBE, with the aim of driving up standards in the ... Read More

Posted on 02/05/2017 15:24:21

People's Parking well received at Naidex

On March 29th 2017 Helen Dolphin spoke to a packed room at Naidex about People's Parking. The talk was attended by representatives from the adapted vehicle market who were interested in finding out more so they could direct their customers to car parks with both disabled access and no height restrictions. This has led to a number of collaborations with other companies including Adapted Vehicle ... Read More

Posted on 18/04/2017 10:16:03

People's Parking to exhibit at the Transport Systems Catapult

On 23rd March 2017 People's Parking will be exhibiting at the Transport Systems Catapult whose vision is to create an environment that will make the UK a world leader in transport systems innovation. The Transport Systems Catapult is working to make journeys that are seamless, transport is smart and connected, and delays and congestion are a thing of the past. People's Parking believes that ... Read More

Posted on 15/03/2017 12:11:49

Supreme Court Ruling and disabled parking

In the UK, the Supreme Court has recently ruled that disabled passengers have a right to priority access over the wheelchair space on a bus. This was heralded as a victory for disabled people’s rights as drivers are now required to ask passengers blocking the disabled space to move.Although this ruling was about the wheelchair space on the bus it made me think if this would have implications ... Read More

Posted on 24/02/2017 08:40:42

Helen Dolphin to speak at Naidex

Helen Dolphin will be talking about People's Parking at Naidex on March 29th 2017.  Naidex is the UK's largest disability, rehabilitation andhomecare event and Helen will be presenting to Healthcare professionals, members of the public, retailers and buyers about how her accreditation ensures disabled people can park with ease. For more information CLICK HERE

Posted on 03/01/2017 16:01:27

Find a Car Park Launch

Having successfully signed up a number of large car park operators People's Parking is delighted to launch its "Find a car park" web search. This will enable motorists and cyclists to locate the facilities they need before leaving the house. The search facility was launched at the annual IPC conference where Helen Dolphin gave a presentation on the benefits to the parking industry of ... Read More

Posted on 02/11/2016 17:37:45