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People's Parking

Making Parking Easy

What is People's Parking?

People's Parking is an accreditation scheme for car parks. The scheme designed by Helen Dolphin MBE is primarily aimed at improving car parks for customers and enabling them to find a car park which meets their needs.

About People's Parking


Depending on the facilities a car park has different accreditations are awarded, as long as the scheme standards are met. These accreditations aim to highlight car parks which have facilities for disabled people, parents with children, people who drive electric vehicles, those who drive light commercial vehicles/camper vans, and those who drive from wheelchair accessible vehicles. In addition it can be helpful to know if pay-by-phone and a pre-book service are available, so these are also included in the scheme.


As well as facilities, the location of a car park is considered and car parks which are great for shopping and those which are situated at transport interchanges are accredited. There are also accreditations for health facilities, Universities, tourist attractions, pubs, restaurants, hotels and sports facilities as it is advantageous for customers visiting these places to know what facilities they will find in advance. It also helps people looking for a car park to know if non-patrons can use the car park.

Cyclists & Motorists

Finally People’s Parking is not just about motorists a lot of cyclists and motorcyclists struggle to find somewhere safe and secure to park their motorcycle/bicycle so car parks that provide this service are recognised too.

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