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How to apply

  • People's Parking is awarded annually to car parks following a successful assessment. The assessment is in the form of a self-assessment supplemented where necessary by photographic evidence. Independent checks may be made.
  • Free help and advice (by phone or email) on filling in the application form and achieving the accreditation  is available from People’s Parking.
  • Any operator applying for 10 or more accreditations is eligible for a site visit from a member of People’s Parking. They will either complete the assessment forms (if car parks in same geographical location) or train staff on how to fill in the assessment form (if car parks geographically diverse) as well as giving information and advice on achieving People’s Parking accreditation.
  • To apply for the accreditation the car park owners/operator must answer all the questions on the assessment form. 
  • A decision is made by People’s Parking as to whether the general standard has been achieved. If this standard is met People’s Parking status will be awarded.
  • People's Parking will also consider which extra accreditations the car park has achieved. These will be marked on the certificate and car park sign.
  • People's Parking is cost effective £100 +VAT for the first year for car parks with 200 spaces or fewer and £150 +VAT for the first year for car parks with 201 spaces or more. Fee includes parking sign and access to free information and advice. Renewal fee is £75 +VAT for car parks with 200 spaces or fewer and £125 +VAT for car parks with 201 spaces or more.
  • Owners/operators with the People's Parking accreditation will be invoiced annually on the anniversary date of their first accreditation. A reminder and invoice will be sent out one month prior to this date.