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Partnership will boost consumer confidence and convenience

People's Parking is pleased to confirm it has formalised a partnership with the International Parking Community (IPC). The IPC are an Accredited Trade Association within the parking industry.  The accreditation has been adopted as an IPC Standard and People's Parking will be representing the evolving interests of consumers with the IPC. The move will also see the formation of a new Consumer Panel to ensure future IPC initiatives reflect the views and priorities of consumers - both in spirit and in practice. 

The People's Parking accreditation scheme provides all users of car parks with unprecedented reassurance and convenience. It demonstrates clearly and effectively the safety, ease of access and on-site facilities for any customer with a specific requirement - from parents with children, to accessibility to shopping centres and transport hubs as well as pre-booking and payment options and parking facilities for bicycles. 
People's Parking has received widespread praise and admiration from consumer groups, service providers and the motoring public right across the country.

Posted on 08/09/2017 10:47:25

First Bradford shopping centre car park to achieve People’s Parking accreditation

Bradford’s Kirkgate Shopping has been awarded the People’s Parking accreditation, and is the first shopping centre in the city to meet the scheme’s stringent requirements.


People’s Parking, founded by independent mobility consultant Helen Dolphin MBE in 2016, works to improve car parks for customer needs, highlighting the facilities for disabled people, parents, commuters, cyclists and those who drive wheelchair accessible vehicles or camper vans.


Kirkgate Shopping, which has more than 600 spaces accessible from its entrance on Godwin Street, has met the scheme’s criteria which requires the car park to be safely lit, clean, have safe pedestrian access, good signage and the enforcement of designated bays. In addition, it has been awarded extra accreditations for being family friendly, great for shoppers and convenient for commuters. Responding to today’s 91,000[1] Blue Badge holders within the Yorkshire and Humber region, the centre has also been awarded an accreditation for being accessible for disabled people.


Helen Dolphin MBE, quadruple amputee and disability campaigner, said: “As a disabled person I have often struggled to get in and out of car parks. I find it incredibly difficult to take tickets out of machines and to put coins into slots. By making a few simple changes, many car parks can make themselves accessible to disabled people and in doing so attract more customers.


“However, access isn’t just something which affects disabled people; parents with children can find it difficult to get them in and out of vehicles in standard sized bays and people driving high-sided vehicles have very few parking opportunities off-street. I founded People’s Parking to help demonstrate safe, easy and well-equipped car parks for any customer with a specific requirement. I’m really delighted that Kirkgate Shopping achieved my accreditation and I hope it will encourage other shopping centres to follow their lead.”

Posted on 07/08/2017 12:19:27

People's Parking well received at Allied Mobility day

On 21st June 2017 Allied Mobility hosted a mobility day at Uttoxeter Racecourse in Staffordshire. Allied, who supply Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) to disabled people put on several mobility days a year for people to come and see their vehicles. A number of charitable organisations and businesses were also invited including People's Parking. 

Many of the Allied vehicles are quite high, as they carry people in their wheelchairs, so one of the issues drivers have is which car park they will fit in. People's Parking were able to show people how they can use the website to search for car parks that are both good for disabled people and have no height restriction. The accreditation was very well received with many people taking leaflets to share with family and friends. 

Posted on 26/06/2017 10:57:54

NCP Addenbrookes car park recognised by coveted People's Parking Award

NCP’s Addenbrookes Hospital car park in Cambridge is among 50 of the parking provider’s sites across the UK to be awarded the coveted People’s Parking accreditation due to its first-class facilities.


The People’s Parking scheme was introduced in 2016 by disability rights campaigner and mobility consultant Helen Dolphin MBE, with the aim of driving up standards in the parking industry. As a disabled person, Helen struggled to get into car parks as she couldn’t take a ticket, so designed an accreditation which would help disabled people find a car park that met their needs.


Helen soon realised there were many other groups of people who would benefit from being able to find a car park with specific facilities, such as people driving electric vehicles, or parents with children, so came up with the idea for People's Parking.


In order to qualify for a general People’s Parking award, a car park must be clean and safely lit, actively managed, have safe pedestrian access and clear signage and, where designated bays are provided for different groups of people, this should be enforced. People’s Parking also highlights those car parks which provide enhanced facilities, such as access for disabled people, family-friendly bays, charging points for electric vehicles and no height restrictions.


NCP’s Addenbrookes Hospital car park was awarded People’s Parking accreditation because it provides 64 spaces for disabled people and larger bays for parents with young children. It also offers concessionary parking for visitors, outpatients and hospital staff.


NCP Managing Director Duncan Bowins said: “As the UK’s number one car park provider, NCP is committed to continuously improving our customers’ experience of our sites. We’ve introduced wider bays in many of our car parks, we provide electric-vehicle-only spaces in many of our car parks, and we’ve introduced pre-book and pay-by-phone options at many of our sites.

“To have 50 of our car parks recognised with People’s Parking accreditation is a fantastic achievement. It is also testament to the hard work our teams on the ground put in to keep their sites clean, tidy and welcoming for our customers.”


Helen Dolphin said she had been delighted with the response from the parking industry. “The fact that NCP have now received 50 accreditations is amazing – their support has enabled me to launch my scheme to the public. I hope this will encourage other parking operators to follow their lead in helping everyone find a car park that meets their needs.” 

Posted on 02/05/2017 15:24:21

People's Parking well received at Naidex

On March 29th 2017 Helen Dolphin spoke to a packed room at Naidex about People's Parking. The talk was attended by representatives from the adapted vehicle market who were interested in finding out more so they could direct their customers to car parks with both disabled access and no height restrictions. This has led to a number of collaborations with other companies including Adapted Vehicle Hire and Allied Mobility. The presentation was also attended by a large number of disabled people who were keen to find out more on People's Parking. There were questions at the end on how car parks are audited and what disabled people can do if they find a car park not up to scratch.  

Posted on 18/04/2017 10:16:03

People's Parking to exhibit at the Transport Systems Catapult

On 23rd March 2017 People's Parking will be exhibiting at the Transport Systems Catapult whose vision is to create an environment that will make the UK a world leader in transport systems innovation. 

The Transport Systems Catapult is working to make journeys that are seamless, transport is smart and connected, and delays and congestion are a thing of the past. People's Parking believes that being able to find a car park, prior to your journey, that you know will meet all your requirements is essential to seamless travel.  Afterall if you need to park and charge your electric vehicle then knowing there is a car park near your destination with a charging point is going to improve your journey. 

Posted on 15/03/2017 12:11:49

Supreme Court Ruling and disabled parking

In the UK, the Supreme Court has recently ruled that disabled passengers have a right to priority access over the wheelchair space on a bus. This was heralded as a victory for disabled people’s rights as drivers are now required to ask passengers blocking the disabled space to move.

Although this ruling was about the wheelchair space on the bus it made me think if this would have implications for the parking industry. Although most car parks have designated disabled bays these are frequently taken up by people who are not disabled. I believe that in the same way that bus drivers must now ask non-disabled people to move from the wheelchair space, all parking operators must now ensure that the disabled bays are kept free for disabled people. I believe that failure to keep these spaces free for those that they are meant for could lead to legal action by disabled people.

Although many parking operators do have enforcement there are still some that don't which can make parking for disabled people very difficult. I have always believed that if disabled bays are provided they must be kept free for those people they are meant for otherwise they are next to useless. This is why enforcement of disabled bays is essential for any car park receiving my "Good for disabled people" accreditation from People's Parking.

Posted on 24/02/2017 08:40:42

Helen Dolphin to speak at Naidex

Helen Dolphin will be talking about People's Parking at Naidex on March 29th 2017.  Naidex is the UK's largest disability, rehabilitation and
homecare event and Helen will be presenting to Healthcare professionals, members of the public, retailers and buyers about how her accreditation ensures disabled people can park with ease. For more information CLICK HERE

Posted on 03/01/2017 16:01:27

Find a Car Park Launch

Having successfully signed up a number of large car park operators People's Parking is delighted to launch its "Find a car park" web search. This will enable motorists and cyclists to locate the facilities they need before leaving the house. 

The search facility was launched at the annual IPC conference where Helen Dolphin gave a presentation on the benefits to the parking industry of highlighting the facilities that they offer.  Major parking operators such as NCP, Q-Park and Excel have already got car parks on the scheme with more being added every week. In addition local authorities, Universities and Hospitals are also signing up. 

Helen said: "I am absolutely delighted with the response that I received at the conference with many more Universities, Local authorities and parking operators wanting to sign up. I originally had the idea because as a disabled person I find it hard to park in car parks with poor access features but I soon realised there were many more people who could benefit. I'm very grateful to the support I have received from the IPC as well as all the operators who have signed up. People's Parking is now going to be working hard on promoting this scheme to the general public and getting more car parks on board".

Posted on 02/11/2016 17:37:45