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Car parks applying for People's Parking may be assessed as suitable for the following accreditations depending on the facilities available and the location of the car park. The accreditations available are:

Accessible for disabled people - The car park will have larger accessible parking spaces near to the entrance or amenities, accessible payment machines and alternative payment methods.

Family friendly - Parent and child bays will be provided.

No height restriction - Drivers of light commercial vehicles/camper vans/drive from wheelchair accessible vehicles will be able to enter this car park.

Charging point(s) for electric vehicles - This car park will provide bays where electric cars can charge.

Convenient for commuters – This car park will serve either railway stations or bus terminals.

Great for shoppers – The car park is integrated in a shopping centre or very close to the high street or main shopping area.

Good for airport passengers - The car park is either walking distance to the airport terminal or serviced by a shuttle bus.

Cycle Parking- Cyclists will have suitable places to park their bicycles.

Pay-by-phone – Pay-by-phone will be available.

Pre-booking available- This car park will provide a pre-booking service.

In order to achieve any of these accreditations car parks must meet the following criteria: 

Safely lit - Car parks must be to a specified luminance to ensure the car park is bright and people can see where they are going. 

Clean - Graffiti must be removed within a reasonable time scale and litter removed regularly. 

Safe pedestrian access - People should be able to move easily between the parking facilities and amenities. 

Good signage - Signage must be provided to identify entrances and exits, directions to lifts, stairwells, payment machines or meters and clear signposting from the car park entrance directing people to the location of specialist bays e.g. disabled or parent and child. 

Designated bays enforced - It is essential that where different bays are reserved for different groups of people, only those people park in them.